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Good Groove

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Viktor Wollinger über Good Groove / Rob Gutowski on Good Groove

With Good Groove, Martin High De Prime has put together a masterpiece-a chest of drawers CD filled with original jazz compositions; each song contains its own aural pandora. The Real Latinos pounding pulse takes us on a dazzling journey through the flatlands of Northern Europe; South through the dizzying Alps, steeping us in and gliding us over Africa, adding the jazz tribe's vibe before it sails and swims through oceans and lands dancing on spicy, chocolate, Mexican shores. The Listener hears a group that has played much together - bundling energy and releasing tensions exactly at the right moment. Good Groove begins the set with pure energy: From the rhythm sections start, Tito Puente and countless other Mambo big bands beckon us. Henrik Walsdorff ushers in a Coltrane-like mysticism with his wide riding solo until we're caught up in the torrent. In track two, Pajaro's Monkish riff is purring from deep within, then breaks into an open, crusading improv conquistador strut where High De Prime holds all the keys. Making a Living is a High De Prime standard: heavy granite blocks speak legends. Mehr Druck (More Pressure) pulls out the steam presses and hydrolic hammers and we feel hard, live energy in five-four. Good groove is not all that's happening here... Melodical boxes are juggled with grace and amazing speed. The Real Latinos grab the listener's ear in Afro-Berlin Soundcheck. Here Fela Kuti's tradition climb's aboard when Kay Luebke's snare rim lays a railroad track line upon which Walsdorff's sovereign playing and command rocket the melodic structures into cascades of melody until Jan Roder's deep bass basin captures it all and holds it in place. The entire score and setting is painted by High De Prime in vivid colors. In Piano Soul the listener is carried on 6/8 clouds over seas and islands, glided past blinking lights and urged on by white blue sparks flying from ivory and the crunch of chords. The tender Ballad lifts us up-to a hopeful new beginning, to a sweet change. Here is High De Prime's voice loudest and most beautiful on a Strayhornesque sotte vocce journey. The stomping Blues ad Hoc brings it all back down to earth, iron chain, sweet wood and reminders of plain old hard work. Good Groove is sure to go down as one of the best albums of 2008.
Rob Gutowski